The Greening of Alaska

I have never known a place to come alive like this place.  Our monthly drives down the Turnagain arm toward Girdwood (for skiing adventures!) this winter took on breathtaking views of a frozen tide, waterfalls of ice, and snow piled high.  Now the fountains are gushing forth, all the mammoth icebergs are gone, and the grass is greening.

We recently enjoyed a trip down to Seward. Snow still clung to the mountians as we could see where many avalanches had descended.  We stopped at a lake.  Stephen threw a rock in and it sank down about 12 inches to a layer of ice.  It was beautiful, the mountains all around.

Once in Seward we hiked a snowpacked trail, we were told it broke out onto the beach.  We started cautiously remembering a snowy past hike that ended in a very cold way.  As we hiked Stephen said “do you hear that!”  Yes I heard it, the sound of running water, but we could not see any running water.  The water had formed a river under the snow path. so we were hiking over the running river on a bridge of snow!

As we continued a girl came running from behind us, running on the snow with her trusty dog at her side.  She wore a bright green T-shirt and nickers, with barefoot shoes, she must be a native.  Finally we came to a bridge which opened up to a glorious view of the mountains and the near beach.  We continued through a very old forest and stumbled onto the beach.  The beach was made of very small slivers of rock, scattered with shells, and the tide was coming in.  Stephen debated a swim, but only made it as far as his knees in the icy Pacific waters. The sun was going down.The look back toward Seward with the sun descending behind the mountains, would make you think that you were in a dream: truely unworldly.  Our cold feet and rumbling stomachs reminded us of the time, for the sun is deceiving at this time of year and we headed back to base-camp.  All this to say: the time was most enjoyable and scenic.


2 comments on “The Greening of Alaska

  1. Aunt Ellen says:

    We can’t wait to see it all and both of you too, next summer! (Lord willing).
    Love ya,
    Aunt Ellen
    PS: WE will miss you both at Melody’s wedding. Kate is coming home for 2 weeks then but Peter is still training. You will have to check out his FB to follow his progress (or at least what he can give on FB)

  2. beth says:

    I am so glad you both love the outdoors and have adventurous spirits! That is the perfect combo for Alaska. Enjoy God’s glorious gift of Alaskan beauty for me!

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