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Rendezvous with the bicycle

Sunlight & Sunbright

On Monday we went for our first bike ride together, as a married couple, in Alaska! We wore our ski-goggles with our helmets and prepped for the wind. It was in the upper 30’s at 6pm with day light visibility going strong. We biked through some wooded areas where the road had melted enough. We saw a frozen lake with sea-planes still waiting for the final thaw. We did have to ride through some water puddles, but it was great to be on the road together with trees whizzing by.

The Ever Changing environment.

With every sunrise there is a palpable excitement about God’s creation and the wonderful sun light he has created. The clouds are constantly changing and there is a sense of movement and constant change in these parts. And you can “hear spring” as someone dear poetically put it. That is in addition to the melting snow, and glistening puddles.  We experienced something new to us here as well on Tuesday: It rained! And no less, in the tropical snow forest!  Short sleeve weather is here!

“Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”

“All that we see rejoice in the sunshine,

All that we hear makes merry in the Spring:

God grant us such a mind to be glad after our kind,

And to sing

His praises evermore for everything.

Much that we see must vanish with the sunshine,

Sweet Spring must fail, and fail the choir of Spring:

But Wisdom shall burn on when the lesser lights

Are gone,

And shall sing

God’s praises evermore for everything.”

What is the beginning? Love. What the course? Love still.

What the goal? The goal is Love on the happy hill.

Is there nothing then but Love, search we sky or earth?

There is nothing out of Love hath perpetual worth:

All things flag but only Love, all things fail or flee;

There is nothing left but Love worthy you and me.”

Christina Rossetti-   The Complete Poems –p 462.

Saturday ski lessons for Stephen- at dusk

We went for a ski session on Saturday afternoon. It was an opportunity for Stephen to learn the ropes and follow Ruth Ann down the hill! And into the sunset!