snow, sunshine and air

sunset the other day...

2nd story window, with the the most snow acumulation that we have noticed. The cold spell finally seemed to break, and despite another foot of snow, the weather has been great. The days are getting brighter earlier and staying brighter later!

snow assault. I mean summer sult in the air into the snow bank on our driveway

another successful landing

for all you bird lovers, here is a bird that lives near Mt. Mickinley. This just happens to be a photo with the bird above the snow. This bird is sure hard to see in the snow though!

for all you bread lovers, this chef didn't disappoint!


One comment on “snow, sunshine and air

  1. Scott Cox says:

    1. Stephen likes to fall down in the snow. Proven.
    2. It snows in Alaska??
    3. White-tailed Ptarmigan – – I’m jealous!
    4. Home made bread? – – I’m jealous!
    5. It snows in Alaska??

    Looks like you’re getting use of your Canon camera . . . great photos!

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