January and rising sunset

We had the opportunity Monday to do a spur of the moment hike in zero degree weather. Which warmed up actually on the mountain side ( a few degrees). Needless to say we bundled up, and were glad to do some winter hiking. We wish we had left a little sooner to see more clearly the Denali Mountains way off in the distance (200 miles car drive away). But it was still spectacular! The Lord provided a great hike! A very enjoyable sunset and view. And good teamwork! Now for Everest!

what every moose dreams of: Eating tree branches in Jan

the best and the brightest... I mean coldest

up hill, up beat, up breathing, up chill

twilight sunset

Kodak moment, near Kodiak, I mean Chugiack, AK, or is it Chugack?

sliding back down when possible on our snow shovel!

successful snow shovel run with Anchorage lights on the horizon

To the north: Barely visible on the horizon is Denali National Park.


2 comments on “January and rising sunset

  1. Aunt Ellen says:

    Very cool! Denli National Park is high on our list of things to see some day!
    Soon I hope!

  2. scottrobyn05 says:

    Nice pictures! The one of the moose outside of our house looks like daytime. You must have a powerful flash on your camera!

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