and there was light, in the darkness, from the sun, at 4 million mph

Zero degrees. On Mountain. and the sky is moving!

we were privileged to see the Northern Lights


winter snow shoeing

Our first snow shoeing adventure was with a lady from church. We enjoyed her hospitality of lunch and then a winter excursion. It was a beautiful day and fun to tromp into the woods and accoss a frozen lake as dusk settled.

the alaskan railroad with Mt. Talkeetnah in the background

traversing a frozen lake

patterns in the wind and sun and ice

North America's tallest mountain behind us, Mt. Mickinley, or Delani as they call it here.

winter snow flying

We took advantage of unusualy clear skies to see Mt. Mckinley by airplane. The pilot decided the winds were becoming calm enough to make a flight. And with four other folks signed up, there was enough participants for us to see this mountain up close, but not too personal. When God made this mountain, he made it huge! Some of the walls are sheer rock a mile high. It was incredible. “The heights of the mountains are his also.” Psalm 95.4

99 days married.

pilot guiding the plane still higher, Denali ahead

beautiful ice capped ridge

they named an Anchorage Restaurant after this peak: "Moose's Tooth"

not even half way up... we didn't get above eight thousand feet. Denali's peak is at 20 thousand

The little blip in the center of the photograph is a 15 foot high igloo where a Japanese photographer is holed up during the day, while by night he is seeking to take photo's of Denali and the Northern Lights. He has been there for three weeks.

the massive Denali mountains with the North Peak in the Left Corner and a glacier named "The Great Gorge" below.

January and rising sunset

We had the opportunity Monday to do a spur of the moment hike in zero degree weather. Which warmed up actually on the mountain side ( a few degrees). Needless to say we bundled up, and were glad to do some winter hiking. We wish we had left a little sooner to see more clearly the Denali Mountains way off in the distance (200 miles car drive away). But it was still spectacular! The Lord provided a great hike! A very enjoyable sunset and view. And good teamwork! Now for Everest!

what every moose dreams of: Eating tree branches in Jan

the best and the brightest... I mean coldest

up hill, up beat, up breathing, up chill

twilight sunset

Kodak moment, near Kodiak, I mean Chugiack, AK, or is it Chugack?

sliding back down when possible on our snow shovel!

successful snow shovel run with Anchorage lights on the horizon

To the north: Barely visible on the horizon is Denali National Park.

you know you are in alaska when…

They don’t call it the last Frontier for nothing! This place feel’s like the wild west sometimes. And sometimes it feels like San Francisco with all the homeless folks around downtown Anchorage. Then there are the gung-ho military folks who talk of their exploits and you can hear the sky rumble with their presence, and then their  are the folks who shot moose with Cross-bows and the guys who participate in snow mobile races.  Then their are those adventurous sorts of people whom seem to find their nitch in adventurous sorts of the things. Did I mention down hill skiing in their somewhere? And the beauty  in Alaska can be breathtaking and awesome. And sometimes cold.

6   Ways you know are in Alaska:

When you see ice climbers along the side of the road.

When you find mold in Costco onions.

When wind whips up snow and shoots it across the highway creating white out conditions and then disappears just as quickly.

When the moon and sun both luster the sky in lovely radiance.

When you see bald eagles above the nearest dumpster.

When it is 15 degrees out, you think it might actually be warm and balmy!

near beluga point, 30 miles south of anchorage, sunrise at 10am