Oh Stary Night

We have been busy of late working, rearranging, and organizing, oh and playing in the snow.  As I sit near to the window of the local coffee shop Jitters, I look out and see the darkness still hovering over the earth, no I am not up very early, this is simply Alaska.  I just dropped Stephen off at work and now am enjoying a moment of catching up on internet things.

There is a very interesting tradition here.  I did not know when we moved here that on cold dark winter days and nights an enormous white star would grace the sky.  Then I read about the star in the base paper.  This 300 foot diameter star made of 350 60 watt light bulbs hangs at 4000 ft altitude upon the near mountain on Fort Richardson in the Chugach Range.  Maintained since 1958 by work crews from Fort Richardson, this star remains lit until the last musher from the Iditarod crosses the finish line in mid to late March.  In the mornings as I drive to work the mountain remains dark and it appears as a lone star of lights hanging freely in the sky.  Other times there is fog below and the mountain faintly visible with this wonderful star shinning ever to brightly at the top.

Well, as for other details of life Stephen and I now relax at night on our nice couch that Stephen borrowed the neighbors truck and son to pick up from the warehouse.  We also enjoyed wonderful food and fellowship yesterday at our neighbors house for a festive dinner.

May the Lord bless all our loved ones in this day and grant you joy and peace.

Stephen doing handstand

Stephen says I think Im a sheep


One comment on “Oh Stary Night

  1. Aunt Ellen says:

    Merry Christmas! We were thinking of you and Stephen and miss you! I am glad that you had Christmas dinner with friends.

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