snow is falling

We are nearly through a week of laboring. Today we both have off! Praise the Lord! and Sunday we both have off as well. Ruth Ann has had to work the last two Sundays.

On Monday she was invited and went skiing in Alyaska! It was a breathtaking drive there, two hours away, and it was great fun with the Christian family we are neighbors with.  Also their was a family from church there.

Today we were able to a cross country jaunt as well. Also last night, a quilt rack appeared on the wall for quilt hanging. Now to set up the quilt making room!

Ready for Cross country! Photo's above: Ruth Ann in blue helmet

on the trail

breakfast for champions... or just snow bound folks...

the case of the leaning quilt rack

the american bald eagle, observing our hunt for the missing glove. And oh, yes, someone got the van which wasn't all wheel drive stuck in the snow. It was a good thing there were plenty of sticks around!

On our cross country skiing, we saw "Moosen" eating the local tree bark


One comment on “snow is falling

  1. Aunt Ellen says:

    Was that down hill skiing? You should learn too, Steven, I can learn at 42 years old anyone can learn….although my son still gives me a hard time about my technique.

    Have fun with that cross country, we should be able to do some of that in a few more weeks.

    Love you,
    Have a great Christmas.
    Aunt Ellen

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