50 days

Well, 50 days later we find ourselves situated in a house the Lord has provided for us, in a state the Lord has brought us to, and in the winter season, which most likely you are also experiencing… The weather actually warmed up the last two days, and it actually got up to 36 degrees. Which was not good for driving as the roads became slushy and slippery. And then there is a concern of icing on the roads at night, as the temps dropped again with wet melty snow all about. We shoveled the driveway last night in preparation for that.

The Lord is good in providing Christian neighbors three houses down the street, whom we met through the local Friday night fellowship/bible study we have been attending. We look forward to future fellowship with them. They have been kind in offering us help for different things if we need. It is nice to know, that if we needed help with something, they would be able and desirous to help us!

We are a single couple, working two different jobs, but in the same career field. But with our different schedules we are now seeking to grow as a couple in seeking to plan on days that we could actually do things together. Stephen is reverting back to an old form of communication known as email and phone messages.

Ruth Ann’s job is a little busier than her previous hospital. Her co-workers and management seem to be good to go. One of the top dogs in the hospital is actually a Christian, and  Ruth Ann got a briefing with her piers from him, where he said that “he worked for them, and he was there to serve them.”

Learning will be on the agenda for Stephen as he learns the ropes at the medical clinic. His co-workers have been helpful to him in this process. It is answer to prayer for him getting this job!  And from what they tell him, there is an eagle’s nest in a tree right outside the premises. And as Stephen was driving home from dropping Ruth Ann off at the hospital one morning, he saw two moose just standing there next to the road in the cold snow. It was kinda surreal!

You know your in Alaska if: you see someone shoveling their driveway in shorts in 20 degree weather. If you see a dump truck going by with snow in it. When every tenth truck you see, has a snow plow attached in the front. If when you are at Costco (there is only one) you see your co-worker there.

The population is pretty small up here. But there is quite a bit of ethnic diversity, including Russian, Hatian, Phillipino, folks from all over Asia, Native Indian, military folks, and the list keeps going…


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