Windy and Cold, but the fog and sun returns

Well, even the fine people who are used to Alaskan winters were surprised by the wind that swept through the Anchorage area on Wednesday. Yes the temperature was down at 4 or 5 degrees, but with wind chill it was down at -12 degrees. And apparantly Fairbanks got caught off guard as well, as it dipped into -40! It just seems to be so beautiful and magnificent up here, with the sky, the big snow capped mountains, and the occasional fast flying plane! Today Jack Frost visited and the trees are cristalized with the dew!

Stephen had the opportunity to go running with another brother from church, and it was about 2 degrees outside with wind chill. It was a different experience to have the jaw work awkardly trying to get words out, as it was penetrated by the cold, and icicles formed on the eye brows. One recommendation for outdoor running was to breathe in through the nose, to allow the oxygen to warm up. We agreed to hold off on an elaborate conversation until later. I guess you could call it an “Ice Check” instead of a “rain check.”

Other recreational activities that we have done as a couple are indoor racket-ball and outdoor sledding. It was quite a teambuilding experience for both of us to take the big skii hill sledding together! And yes Ruth Annie enjoyed it!

We were blessed and encouraged by the christian fellowship/prayer meeting last night. And one couple coming to the meeting in their Honda got stuck in a snow drift on the road, just around the corner, and we all went to help push them out.  We reviewed Acts 18, and it was great to see how the Lord was using Paul, with his endurance on the 2nd Missionary journey, and yet also his need for personal encouragement from the Lord to keep pressing on despite possible and real temptations to be afraid and to be silent, instead of keeping on preaching. And how the  Lord uses believers, such as Aquila and Priscilla to help sharpen and build Appolos, even as we sharpen and build each other up for further service. It was good to see Paul’s heart preaching, teaching, working hard with his own hands, and his love and effort in “strengthening all the disciples.” Acts 18.23

Alaskan Sun

WINDY & Cold

snow plowing the road. It is fun to watch! They have these big snow plows!


indoor Alaskan pet


One comment on “Windy and Cold, but the fog and sun returns

  1. Emily P says:

    Is that as bright/light as it gets there? Also, which of you said it is a big plow . . . bigger than MI plows? or is that Stephen’s inexperienced impression of snow plows? Just curious because from the picture it is hard to see and judge the size. I am enjoying the updates, thanks for keeping us posted!

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