sketches from down the road

cycling at 8 degrees

attempting to ski in God's beautiful world

sun, trees, and snowsky, snow and the sunset/twilight time

a photo driving home from church 


2 comments on “sketches from down the road

  1. Aunt Ellen says:

    Is that Steven on the bike? 8 degrees sure is cold. The coldest we have gone is 23 degrees and never in the show, but I guess that you would niver bike of you waited for the show to melt. By the way you can buy studded bike tires.

    • majsra says:

      No that is not Stephen on that bike, but Stephen took the photo. Yes people bike here all winter we are told they ride with studded thick tires. This man had gloves that went over the handle bars and then he put his hands in these huge gloves. This was the best photo that Stephen could get.

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