The Price We Pay

Here are some exciting stats on “Driving from Norfolk, VA to Anchorage, AK”

Miles:  5,102!!!

Lodging:  $1,541.59

Gas: $1,242.65  (those Kunuks are Crooks!)

Food: Um, —- TBD

Driving to AK on honeymoon with husband: Priceless

looking for the right photo coming out outside of Jasper. yes, It was all beautiful!


mountain sheep outside Jasper


birds that circled us on our Lake Louise hike


Ruth Ann in the wind and snow after someone found the "forgotten" and nearly frozen camera!

We were able to continue renting cross country skiis, and this evening we enjoyed warm 25 degree snowy weather, skiing a park in anchorage at late dusk, under park lights. It was a new experience skying thirty feet from a main city road! It was fun to see skiiers being pulled along by their huskies (and black lab). Will huskies be in our future? 🙂

“The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay on the Father, the greatest unkindness you can do to him is to not believe that He loves you.” John Owen.



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