Snow, Clouds, Sun, and Promises

Current news as follows: The remains of our earthly possessions are scheduled to arrive at our new domicile one day before Thanksiving! In other news, some job opportunities have appeared for Stephen, and we await to hear back on two of them! Ruth Ann is being grilled with pharmacology tests today.

We may have some stats coming from our Road Trip in the near future, stay tuned! This day has gone from heavy morning snowfall to a beautiful afternoon of setting sunshine! (Current temps at 22 degrees with a forecast of snow the next three days).

a breathtaking view, and us too...

coming into northern Alberta

driving to Lake Louise, the spectacular valley drive! (outside Jasper)

Below is an excerpt from a book by John Colquhoun (A collection of the promises of the gospel) that has been encouraging to read:

“All that the Lord, either in his law as a covenant, or in his law as a rule, requires of his elect, he graciously promises to do for them, and in them.  – In his law as a covenant of works, he requires from them perfect obedience, and complete satisfaction for sin: and, in the offers and promises of his glorious gospel, he affords them the consummate righteousness of Jesus Christ, to answer for them, those high requirements. In his law as a rule of duty, he requires from them, as soon as they become believers, holy obedience to all his commands, and even perfection of obedience. But in his blessed gospel, he promises them grace, sufficient for enabling them to yield sincere obedience in time, and perfect obedience through eternity.

Every duty that they are required to do, the Lord is engaged by promise to work in them both to will and to do. Is the true knowledge of God in Christ, required in them? This is promised to them: “They shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of the them, saith the Lord.” Are they commanded to believe in Jesus Christ? Faith is promised:  “Thou shalt call me, My Father.” “In his name shall the Gentiles trust.”

The mortification of sin, is a duty required of them; and it is also promised. “I will also save you from all your uncleanness.” Are they commanded to fear the Lord? This too is promised. “I will put my fear in their hearts, that they shall not depart from me.”

Indeed, grace for every instance of duty, is matter of promise to believers. All supplies of grace and strength, for the spiritual performance of every duty, and the patient enduring of every trial, are freely promised to them. The promises are to them, as Samson’s locks were to him: in these their great strength lies.”


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