local hospitality

In God’s Providence, last week, we were considering on base housing, and were doing drive by’s on the house. Ruth Ann was quite curious as to what the kitchen looked like. We saw this one airman through the window at a computer, so we pulled over on the wrong side of the road, parked our car, and knocked on the door to ask if he would be willing to show us his kitchen! Well, he and his wife were willing and it turns out he was a Air Force Chaplain, who went to a Southern Baptist seminary. So it was great to meet fellow believers! And they contacted another on base chaplain, who with his family attend the local PCA church, and his wife contacted us last week to say Hi, and Ruth Ann is currently talking with her on the phone. She knows folks at the OPC and has offered to help out with our settling in if we need! So Ruth Ann is currently asking her some “Alaska” questions!

Alcan View on road trip


Ruth Ann talking in the Alcan, within hours of the Alaskan border! the bumpy part of the trip!


One comment on “local hospitality

  1. Emily P says:

    So excited that you are meeting fellow believers and can explore all these new experiences together! Love the pictures 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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