enjoying the cooking skills!

Now, Mrs. M has been cooking great meals and mastering the fine art of coffee making! And for breakfast this morning, with great finesse she made scrambled eggs, liberally sprinkled with cheese, red peppers, and sausage, and a some lovely toast, all despite our living out of a shoe box for the next two weeks!

In Alaska, the sun does not rise until 9 am which is also different! And it takes longer to rise and set! A continious dawn.

putting the C back in Breakfast Cooking!


our sunrise today. Notice the snow getting whipped up on the right!


One comment on “enjoying the cooking skills!

  1. Robyn says:

    Funny. One thing I was going to ask is if you feel like you are playing “house”. I remember that feeling from when we were first married and I started cooking for Scott. I didn’t know if you would experience that in temporary housing, but it looks like you do!

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