18 Days of Marriage

in the blustery down town!

Ruth Annie's indispensible laugh!

Well, another day in the igloo for us up here! We worked on details inside and then drove off base into the city where the wind was whipping up! Getting out of the car nearly proved to be an introduction to the ground experience! We ran down the sidewalk hand in hand as the wind picked up the snow from the roof tops and whipped it down in blustery gusts at us! And as we had left our camera in the car overnight it was fogged up in the morning. But still some good shots from the day!  We continue to mark off “First Times” as a couple, and today we marked off going to the gym together!   Which was good because it was very windy and cold to us by late evening. Driving home we had some aircraft fly in real low over us with in 50 feet, and that was very cool. We couldn’t take photo’s of it, because it is illegal.


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