white afternoon and sledding eve

shoveling the front driveway

six inches of snow?

It was a spectacular afternoon and evening on Friday! A beautiful sunsent, with a pristine dark blue sky… it was difficult to find a good shot of the majestic colors on the mountains…  We also went and had a dinner/family fellowship/pot luck with folks from church. And after dinner we went sledding at local hill off the road. It was great fun.

ready for the ride!

a smile

getting ready


the hill


White Friday

We enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday with folks from the church. We had the big meal with about four other families from church at the Pastor’s house and then we played a trivia game from the 1980’s.

Today it is snowing. We are unpacking more items. We are working on improving our God given communication skills. Tonight we look forward to going to do some sledding, and enjoying fellowship with church folks up in Eagle River. It has been a delight to be incorporated into the fellowship of these saints!

ready for snow, in the back yard

because someone should take dominion of the back yard snow, I hope someone will shovel the driveway!

living room, ready for dancing

heading into the cold


who thought of this?


getting the hand-eye co-ordination down


sunrise through screened window


sunset through screened window

Windy and Cold, but the fog and sun returns

Well, even the fine people who are used to Alaskan winters were surprised by the wind that swept through the Anchorage area on Wednesday. Yes the temperature was down at 4 or 5 degrees, but with wind chill it was down at -12 degrees. And apparantly Fairbanks got caught off guard as well, as it dipped into -40! It just seems to be so beautiful and magnificent up here, with the sky, the big snow capped mountains, and the occasional fast flying plane! Today Jack Frost visited and the trees are cristalized with the dew!

Stephen had the opportunity to go running with another brother from church, and it was about 2 degrees outside with wind chill. It was a different experience to have the jaw work awkardly trying to get words out, as it was penetrated by the cold, and icicles formed on the eye brows. One recommendation for outdoor running was to breathe in through the nose, to allow the oxygen to warm up. We agreed to hold off on an elaborate conversation until later. I guess you could call it an “Ice Check” instead of a “rain check.”

Other recreational activities that we have done as a couple are indoor racket-ball and outdoor sledding. It was quite a teambuilding experience for both of us to take the big skii hill sledding together! And yes Ruth Annie enjoyed it!

We were blessed and encouraged by the christian fellowship/prayer meeting last night. And one couple coming to the meeting in their Honda got stuck in a snow drift on the road, just around the corner, and we all went to help push them out.  We reviewed Acts 18, and it was great to see how the Lord was using Paul, with his endurance on the 2nd Missionary journey, and yet also his need for personal encouragement from the Lord to keep pressing on despite possible and real temptations to be afraid and to be silent, instead of keeping on preaching. And how the  Lord uses believers, such as Aquila and Priscilla to help sharpen and build Appolos, even as we sharpen and build each other up for further service. It was good to see Paul’s heart preaching, teaching, working hard with his own hands, and his love and effort in “strengthening all the disciples.” Acts 18.23

Alaskan Sun

WINDY & Cold

snow plowing the road. It is fun to watch! They have these big snow plows!


indoor Alaskan pet

the wind and storm that God stirs

Our arrival in Alaska has come with many prayer requests as with any newly arriving folks coming from thousands of miles away. The Lord continues to answer our prayers one by one! We have prayed that the Lord would provide for our safe traveling! And we have arrived safely. We have prayed for housing, and the Lord has provided! It just happened that some other folks decided to move out right before our arrival!

And now, the Lord has provided in answering another prayer: He has provided Stephen with a job! It is similar to his previous job working in the ER, but will also broaden some of his skills, working in an “Urgent Care” clinic setting! A gentlemen from the church, who has worked there quite a bit had suggested applying, and in God’s gracious providence, after an interview on Monday, we see the Lord’s good provision!

Thanks to all those who are praying for us! We continue to pray for our starting full time shift work at our jobs, settling into a godly church, our christian witness, and our christian fellowship. Oh, and our Marriage, now a month and two days, for which we give thanks to the Lord for! Not so long ago, we were both single still, looking forward…

“The Psalmist begins the weather forecast with God. God is about to unleash a thunderstorm, awesomely and powerful… Every earthly event begins in heaven. Whatever you about to see here on earth, however choatic, or appearing out of control, yet God reigns over all. Whatever the weather in my life, God reigns…”

– preaching on God’s glory and strength from Psalm 29- Pastor David P Murray.

our first walk in Anchorage, our first evening on the ground

entering the final stretch!

leaving Alberta

near the mountain heights, closing in on the Yukon

closer to the Yukon

Right now, the temp is 10 degrees, but with wind chill and gusts it feels like -12 degrees