New Week at Station

On Sunday we recieved a dose of snow!  We had our first snow driving experience in Anchorage as  we manuevered to the local OPC church. Looks like winter is here to stay! And so are we!
       The folks at the church there were friendly and offered us help in our transitioning into the area and also in employment prospects. They had been praying for us before our arrival, as we had let them know ahead of time, we were coming to the area. The morning worship was great- with preaching on the centrality of Christ in his Word.
They had a “Reformation” Sunday of sorts and had a luncheon afterwards. It was nice to stay and meet folks and have folks come to us and introduce themselves.
Today the Lord provided us with Housing! We will be able to live inside the base which will work out well for driving to the hospital. It is a nice house with three bedrooms. So that is a BIG answer to prayer.
After some registration and in processing today we were able to go for a jog in the snow.
Now for some sandwiches and soup for lunch!

after service


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