Recollections of our journey north

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Alaska or bust!

We enjoyed the trip north! We went attended an URC church in Prinsburg MN and then entered into Canada through MN and plotted our course into the Canadian Rockies! We enjoyed talking, taking photos enroute, reading books out loud to each other and various sermons. Some highlights from our time in Banff and Jasper were hiking Lake Louise, our first cold weather hike, in the rain, and then snow. Ruth Ann befriended a bird! And fed it abundantly with peanuts! I don’t think that bird will have to work another day in it’s life! I couldn’t believe the bird could actually fly after that. Somebody named the bird “Fred”.

A hike up into the snow at Malign lake was another enjoyable adventure. After we packed lunch, we began our hike up to a hitching post that was to have great views of the mountains and the lake. However as we trudged forward in the snow, actual flakes of snow wafted down amidst us. Once at the top of the hill, we enjoyed a lunch sitting under a pine tree out of the wind, watching the snow and the eyeballs of our spouse! We couldn’t see much further. A certain young lady was desirous of a sled option for our transition downhill. However, it was realized that our camera was left in the snow, and so someone had to run back up and rescue it from its cold demise shortly after our decent.

So contrary to popular opinion you can’t keep two energetic people inside a box for too long and we took advantage of our keen eyes and promptly swept down on any creature worth taking a gander on. For instance, we saw some Caribou prancing along the highway, and after attempting some photo’s we decided to stalk them over the hill… well, needless to say, that there was a huge valley on the other side, but we did stretch our legs a bit.And Ruth Ann’s perceptive gaze saw our first band of wild stone sheep. We likewise purspued them on foot for a photo, but to no avail. Later Ruth Ann thought she actually was a sheep as she scrambled up a sheer cliff in sub zero weather. All I wanted was a photograph of another valley. But then I encouraged her to safely return to the vehicle! And we got the shoot with wafts of snow flakes coming down. Now when we saw Buffalo lying down, basically next to the highway. And one trucker told us to watch out for crazy drivers who hit buffalo. “You have to be really stupid to hit a buffalo! It’s not like deer or caribou who run accross the road. The Buffalo walk across real slowly.” So at my wife’s pleading I too stayed on the premises of the vehicle, despite requests to climb atop the vehicle for a better photo!

We also saw Bears with two cubs on the side of the road. Coming across the border into American soil the coyote running with our car down the highway. Skiddish yet expecting a free handout! We also had an international kissing moment. Both Sundays we enjoyed sunday dinners with older couples who invited us over for lunch. Canada was not very populated and the highway we took didn’t have very many cars. And eventually we began to see even a road sign or electric lines as notes of interest and if their were two cars on the road we considered that a traffic jam!


2 comments on “Recollections of our journey north

  1. Beth says:

    Beautiful scenery! So glad you made the most of your roadtrip. Jim and I always thought roadtrips together were a very relationship building experience! You”ll have many fond shared memories of this! Let the alaskan adventure begin!!!

  2. Aunt Ellen says:

    It is so exciting to get your pictures and hear your report. Have fun moving into your new home!

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